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Women’s Health services are offered by Dr. Melanie Levesque and our qualified nurse practitioners. We offer the following Women’s Health services:

Pap Exam

A Pap exam (also known as a “Pap smear” or “Pap test”) screens for precancerous conditions of the cervix (such as cervical cancer). Pap exams also help diagnose precancerous conditions of the vagina (such as vaginal cancer), infections, or inflammation in the lower female reproductive tract.

If your last Pap was normal with no previous abnormal Paps and you do not have new symptoms, you most likely will not require new testing for 2 years. Patients booking a Pap exam must be over 25 years old. The full guidelines can be found here. http://www.bccancer.bc.ca/screening/health-professionals/cervix. Pap Exams are covered by your MSP (Care Card). If you do not have MSP coverage, please contact us for private rates.

Women’s Preventative Hormone Assessment

Women’s preventative hormone assessment can address health concerns connected to hormonal imbalances, for example:

  • Menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Mood swings or depression
  • Cold hands & feet

Dr. Melanie Levesque will conduct a personalized women’s health lifestyle assessment with hormonal profile*. Female sex hormones will be assessed with recommendations to safely decrease symptoms and improve quality of life.

  • Cost: $550 including lab testing
  • Cancellation within 48 hours or no show: $150
  • Please allow 60 minutes for the 30 minute doctor’s assessment plus testing

*Please Note: preventative health assessments including lab work are not covered by nor billed to the Medical Services Plan (MSP).