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Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Nikki is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, certified through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She found her passion in holistic nutrition after feeling let down by conventional doctors who didn’t have the time nor inclination to help her get to the root of her illness. She found her way back to health by employing holistic methods, and was inspired to earn her professional designation so she could help others reclaim their health. Her approach emphasizes nutrient-dense foods and stress reduction.

In addition to her work through Stein Medical, Nikki is the founder of Boosted Brain Nutrition, where she helps clients unlock their brain’s full potential through nutrition. By addressing nutritional deficiencies and body system imbalances, clients can experience improvements to their cognitive function, mood, and energy levels.

Please call Stein Medical to book your nutrition consultation with Nikki. Stein Executive Health patients enjoy a 10% discount off all the nutrition services listed below.


Initial Nutrition Consultation Package — $150
We will begin with an in-depth assessment of your symptoms, health history, lifestyle habits, and health goals. Time permitting, we may incorporate an educational component on nutrition topics that interest and affect you. After this one-on-one assessment, you will receive a personalized set of dietary, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations. We will schedule a complimentary 15 minute accountability check-in call two to four weeks after your initial consultation.

Follow-up Nutrition Consultations — $50  /  $140 for pack of 3  /  $250 for pack of 6
Existing clients who have completed an initial nutrition consultation may book 30 minute follow-up sessions. The agenda for these follow-ups is entirely up to you! Here are some suggestions for how to make use of this time:

  • Accountability check-ins to help you stick to your health goals
  • Additional support to implement recommendations
  • Answering your many nutrition questions
  • Receiving feedback on your food journal/current diet

Lunch Spot Audit — $70
This service was designed for busy working professionals who usually buy lunch near their office. Choose up to three favourite lunch spots (or I can recommend options within walking distance) for an audit of their lunch menu. I will highlight the best options based on your health goals and dietary preferences, and will recommend healthier swaps when possible. A menu audit is especially useful if you’re switching to a new way of eating (e.g. paleo, keto, vegetarian).

Design Your Supplement Bar — $125 + cost of supplements (optional)
Take the guesswork out of choosing supplements and let a nutritionist do it for you! I will assess your existing supplements and prescription medications, and will recommend complementary, high quality supplements based on your health goals. I will also advise you of contraindications to ensure the safest results. You will have the option of purchasing supplements direct through me or purchasing from the source of your choice.