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Trusted medical care. Our personalized Executive Health program provides timely continuity of care. Our blended model pairs trusted primary care with uninsured services. We champion your needs to help you navigate the challenging landscape of private and public healthcare.

Our patients enjoy a seamless healthcare experience*:

  • Annual physical health exams
  • Unlimited expert medical care from your personal physician and team of qualified healthcare professionals
  • Convenient lab work and cardiac monitoring
  • Same-day medical consultations
  • Virtual consultation by phone or video conferencing
  • Timely facilitated specialist referrals due to our extensive specialist network

*Note: the above services are insured services, and as such, are covered through the Medical Services Plan. If you do not have MSP, please inquire with us directly.

The Executive Health program offers annual wellness treatments** for $2,450/year. This yearly fee is optional; patients may choose to pay for uninsured services as they are provided. For our individual treatment rates, please refer to our website.

The Executive Health program is a team-based approach that includes unlimited:

  • Anti-aging medicine
  • Women’s preventative hormone assessment
  • Men’s testosterone and growth hormone assessment
  • Elite athlete clinic (triathlete, skiing, running)
  • Skin prevention clinic
  • Brain health assessment
  • Concussion clinic
  • Cortisone injections
  • Insomnia clinic
  • Travel medicine consultation
  • Prescription refills directly to your pharmacy
  • Assisted nurse practitioner care

Executive Health members also enjoy an unlimited 10% discount on the following uninsured services:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition & vitamin deficiency assessment
  • Executive coaching
  • Cosmetic dermatology
  • PRP hair analysis and treatment

**These services are not insured by MSP and are provided as part of the Executive Health program.

à la carte counselling and preventative health assessments*** are available to everyone:

***Please note: these services are not covered by nor billed to the Medical Services Plan (MSP).

Our Executive Health services have been used by esteemed corporate clients such as: