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People use coaches for a variety of reasons:

  • when they are feeling overworked and overwhelmed,
  • feel like they’re in a rut, lacking purpose and direction, or
  • when they want to take their ‘game’ to the next level.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a tool that helps you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It starts with building a relationship between coach and client, identifying your values and vision for your life. Then, together, we create a plan. Working with a coach puts you in the leadership seat of your work and your life. Its structure will hold you accountable for taking action.

You will receive objective support from someone who has no agenda for you, other than to support you in creating the life you want.

Health benefits from coaching include lowered stress and anxiety, increased energy and creation of a more balanced life.

Michelle Penney
MBA, PMP, CPCC – certified professional coach

Coaching Rates (not covered by Extended Health, may be tax-deductible)

New Assessment / New Client
Patients receive a complimentary 30 minute introductory session

The Activator – $350/session
Let’s get started! This pay-as-you-go option is perfect if you’re stuck or stalled and need a quick push forward.

The Accelerator – 5 sessions for $300/session (15% savings)
Here we go! The Accelerator provides personalized support for identifying your goals, building a road map for achievement and to get things moving.

The Apex – 10 sessions for $270/session (33% savings)
Reach for the stars! The Apex is perfect tor those who are ready to commit to long-lasting change. It includes a deeper understanding of your vision, purpose and goals, the creation of a success mindset and accountability for putting your ideas into action.

Michelle is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) and a graduate of the advanced leadership-training program from the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) in California. She is passionate about integrated health and believes that true wellness involves looking at your whole life, not just one aspect or symptom.

Prior to opening her global coaching practice, Michelle spent 30 years in a hybrid career as an entrepreneur and a senior manager providing strategy, project and customer experience expertise across a broad range of industries. These included the Olympics, arts, events, education, technology and finance.

Is coaching the same as therapy?
No. Coaching is not therapy.

Therapists spend 80% of the time looking backwards and helping you resolve issues of the past.

Coaches spend 80% of the time looking forwards, towards the life you are creating for yourself.

Do clients work with coaches and therapists at the same time?
Yes! I have several clients who are working with a therapist as well as working with me. We create clear lines of distinction between the two support providers.

How does it work?
We start with a 30-minute complimentary session to ensure we are a fit. It is very important that we are comfortable working together in order to create a safe space where you can be open and honest. Assuming we are a fit we would proceed with a 90-minute discovery session.

What if we aren’t a fit?
I have a large network of coaching colleagues and can provide you with recommendations based on your needs.

How often should I work with a coach?
During our discovery session we’ll discuss your objectives and what might work best for you. Most clients prefer a bi-weekly session. This gives them enough time to integrate the learning and take action.

How long will I see a coach?
It depends! On average I work with clients for between 3-6 months. Some for longer. You’ll know when you are ready to complete the engagement.

Where do we meet?
We can meet in person (assuming you are in the downtown Vancouver area). Or we can hold sessions over the phone. These are just as effective and in many cases my clients are more open when talking over the phone.